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Témoignages (en anglais)

Anne Buckingham

Proproiétaire de Le Ramard Holiday Lets

"Estelle is nothing less than a life-saver! This was my first season using her for the site management of my large holiday let in Brossac. From our very first meeting, she has been efficient, capable, tireless, good humoured (a very necessary trait in this industry!), creative and helpful to everyone. She has great attention to detail and has a lot of experience and expertise, every scrap of which I have shamelessly exploited 😂 ... 


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Liz Addison

Collègue à Mulberry Cottages & propriétaire de Captain's Quarter

"I was very sad to see Estelle leave Mulberry Cottages - she was a great work colleague from whom I learnt a lot. We worked together in the property team where she was providing advice, valuations and support to property owners.


Estelle was consistently professional, conscientious and extremely knowledgeable of the market. Clients warmed to her instantly...


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Angela Curwen

Quex Park Estate à Birchington


"Such a pleasure to work with Estelle over a number of years when she supported projects we worked on at Quex Park in Birchington. She brought a wealth of knowledge and ideas as well as connecting us to others in the tourism and associated food industry in Kent in the UK. She has a wealth of understanding of the holiday accommodation industry and works extremely hard and diligently to research and promote each project with a high success rate.


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James Thomas

Propriétaire du Royal Harbour Hotel à Ramsgate

Estelle was such a great sales manager for my hotel..she helpedespecially in the corporate market when we were expanding thenumber of rooms we had and opening our restaurant... highly recommended! 

Olive Roberts

Collègue au Sherlock Holmes Hotel


Estelle was a very diligent Sales Director with passion for herhotel and her colleagues. She was always innovative in gettingbusiness for the Sherlock Holmes and increased their sales accounts. Estelle was always good humoured, smiling and asuper communicator.

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